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COVID-19 Mask Policy
St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Reopen Team Update 7/2022


Many updates have been provided to the congregation.  At this point, we believe that the pandemic is on the way to becoming endemic.  We do not want to enforce mask mandates.  Instead, we will be encouraging each congregation member and visitor to decide for themselves what their risk tolerance is, and whether they want to wear a mask.  We have returned all other items in the church to a “new normal.”  By this we mean things like potlucks will continue to be served with the thought of individual servings that can be picked up with utensils (i.e., no bowls of chips and dip).  We will not be returning to the common cup for Communion for the foreseeable future. 

We ask that each member assess their health and worship on-line at home if they are feeling ill, and let the church know if they test positive within a few days of attending services in person.  The church would then notify any close contacts.

And of course, if you do become sick, please let us know how we can help.


Yours in Christ,

For the Reopen team,

Diane S.



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