Sunday School

***Sunday School Begins Sunday, September 10, 2017.***

Sunday School

Families are invited to join the 10:00 contemporary service. They’ll enjoy the opening together and Pastor will present a children’s sermon. Immediately following the children’s sermon, the kids will be dismissed to sunday school. The service and Sunday school will end at the same time (or very close).

Each group rotates through different rooms weekly, where they learn Bible stories and life application through interactive means. Rotations include:  Bible Story (Sunday Morning LIVE), Movies (Holy Word Theater), Crafts (Creation Station) and Games (Bible Quest).  We occasionally throw in a Cooking or Science rotation as well and, on the 5th Sunday of the month, a ‘Free For All’ Sunday where the kids get to pick what they’d like to do or may choose to move between classes.

Our program is designed for children, Pre-K through Middle School and we encourage our High School students to volunteer and help out as teachers. Parents are always welcome to join us to ensure their children are comfortable. For the Pre-K students, there is no minimum age. Being potty-trained is a plus but exceptions can be made for the one hour church service.

PLEASE SIGN UP TO TEACH!  You can opt for a full month rotation (best option, as you learn the lesson plan once, then simply re-do each week with a different aged group), or for a couple Sundays or even just one to try it out.  We also could use a ‘substitute’ list, if you’d like to submit your name as a ‘fill-in’ in the event the scheduled teacher cannot teach.  Just let Heidi know at:

Our Sunday School Goals:

1st Grade:       Lord’s Prayer memorized
2nd Grade:      Creed memorized
3rd Grade:       Know how to look up bible verses, 10 Commandments memorized and meaning for each.
4th Grade:       Apostles’ Creed – Three Articles and meaning.
5th Grade:       Understand the meaning of baptism and Lord’s Supper (from
Catechism), and memorize the order of the books in the New

Lesson Plan for 2017-2018


September-17   Good Samaritan
October-17   David & Goliath
November-17   Esther
December-17   Christ’s Birth thru the eye of Mary & Joseph
January-18   Calling of the Disciples
February-18   Jonah & the Whale
March-18   Seder & Easter Story
April-18   Peter Walks on Water
May-18   Story of Noah

For more information regarding Sunday School, please contact Heidi Wood at  301-440-2723 or