St. Paul’s Quilters

The “St Paul’s Quilters” is a group of ladies who love to sew, with a purpose.

We meet on Tuesday morning in the St Paul’s Church fellowship hall from 7:00 a.m. till 1:00 or later, almost in two shifts. 

Anyone can join, because some use sewing machines, some pin quilts, some assemble the layers, (in preparation for sewing) and others put yarn in them.  We always have quilt tops to be sewn together at home.  They are assembled and marked for easy sewing.

Although we love to take in good cotton material, we accept all fabric and find a home for it.  Every piece is looked at.  If we can’t use it in quilts or the dog pillows we make, it will be given to the Grain Train Program. We also use sheets either the plain or the printed ones.

Most of our girls sew at home making larger quilts and articles for our annual successful SALE which is held at the church fellowship hall the first week in October.  We keep enough of the proceeds for our needs  and the balance is given to the community or special charitable organizations.

Join us if you are interested in the mission or just want to sew.  Contact Dorothy Clark at 410-721-1583 or Donna Minner at 410-721-9799 if you want to learn more.