Sunday School Fun! 

Fun craft and lesson packets to keep connected!


During this uncertain and ‘socially distant’ time, St. Paul’s Sunday School has been doing its best to keep our children involved, entertained and connected to Christ.


Current Sunday School members have been receiving regular craft and lesson packets via the US mail.  If you’d like to be included in our children’s ministry – please send your child’s name, age and address to:


MARCH LESSON: Daniel & The Lion’s Den - seriously fun crafts like making a lion pillow, lion chow, a maze, and a crossword!

APRIL LESSON:  Easter -  a cool Easter story, a yummy and insightful Easter cookie recipe, a word search and an anagram!

MAY LESSON:  The Great Commandment - Do YOU know what it is?  Here are some interesting and fun things to do including how to make awesome "earth" rice krispie treats!

JUNE LESSON:  Featuring a maze to help Pastor Teklu and his family find their way to St. Paul's!  Check out a summertime word search and a crossword puzzle too!

Check out more Sunday School AT HOME photos too!