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Flower Composition

Sanctuary Flowers

The sanctuary flowers sign-up poster for 2024 is now in place in the narthex.


If you would like to provide the flowers for a Sunday during 2024, please write your name on the board for the appropriate Sunday and indicate the occasion you are recognizing.  Please sign up as early as possible, but no later than one week before your chosen Sunday.

The cost is $10.00.

Please make your check payable to St. Paul's Lutheran Church and forward or hand it to Bernice Prescott. Please write “Sanctuary Flowers” on your check.


Providing flowers for the sanctuary is a wonderful way to honor a special occasion or person, remember a loved one, or give glory and thanks to the Lord.

You may remove the flowers after the service, or they will be appropriately donated.

Flowers are not placed during Lent.


If you have any questions, please contact Bernice at 410-570-5277 or

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