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The Music Corner News

May is Mother’s Day month!  

The Youth Choir is playing a xylophone quintet for Mother’s Day for the Prelude.  We play, sing, and move, and create in Youth Choir.  
We are going to end our school year on May 19th for our 8:15 AM meetings before Sunday School. Youth Choir and Sunday School have been coordinating.  We may try something different by Fall.

Please look for a new Youth Choir time as we move into the summer months and next Fall.  We will either rehearse after church for 15-20 minutes each session, on designated Sundays and /or schedule some fun musical rehearsals on Saturdays.  We are working on a musical called “One Hundred Percent Chance of Rain” and when we are ready, we will present it on a Sunday morning.  

Youth Choir includes a variety of ages until we are big enough to divide into more detailed age groups.  All school-age youth are welcome.  There is no age limit when singing together as a choir (especially as we grow).  

Thank you, those of you who came to participate in our Youth Choir this past year.  We have sung several songs for our service. Your participation has been much appreciated by the congregation and I have enjoyed working with you, this being my first year at St. Paul’s Lutheran. 

~Donna W.

St. Paul's Music Director

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