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Please Pray for:


Fay and Walter Baase; Bill and Sandi Corwin; Betty Fallstich; Bob Larkin; Connie Myer; Sally Myer; Erna Pleinis; Brian Spencer; Jackie Blondin; Dan and Laurie Snook.


Friends and family:

Peta Capello, Huffman family friend; Erich Fallstich, Betty Fallstich’s son; Shirley Jenstrom, Del Jenstrom’s mother; James Larkin, Bob Larkin’s father; Mary Ann Oetken, Al Oetken’s sister; Bob Sellers, Corwin family friend; Dick Sulken, Joan Spencer’s brother; Amy Summerfelt, Linda Huffman's niece; James Kurtz, Zac and Linda Huffman’s son; Steve Connlly, friend of Jessica Silbert; Jack Courtney, Penny Courtney’s husband; Becky Unland, Bernice Prescott’s sister; Shannon Bladridge, a friend of Dorothy Clark’s granddaughter.

Military and first responders:

Jameel Barrows, Melissa Barrows, Ian Jenstrom, Dan Mitchell, David Sturgeon, Brian Wolford, and their families.   

Prayer request cards can be found in the narthex and on-line. Please contact the office at if you have any questions.  Please let the office know when a prayer request should be removed.

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