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Long-Term Prayers: 

Bob (health issues); John Abel (health issues); Preston Arnold; John Bagley

(health issues); Phyllis Ball (health issues);  The Blake Family – Dave and John; JoAnn Breitbach  (health issues); Peta Capello (health issues); Christopher Chaise; Nicole Copinger (health issues); Jack Courtney (health issues); Marianne Foreman (health issues); Gail Hale (health issues); Jon Hakulin (health issues); Ruth Hakulin (health issues); Einar Jenstrom (health issues); Daniel Kenny (health issues); Nathan K. (health issues); Bob Larkin (health issues); Janet Mox (health issues); Sally Myer (health issues); Jackie Blondin-Oetken (health issues); Al Oetken’s sister Mary Ann (health issues); Jim Q. (health issues); Kay Rudolph (health issues); Joe Scmift (health issues); Dr. Jim  & Kay Smith (health issues); Brian Spencer (health issues); Dick Sulken (health issues); Michael Zimmer Jr. & family (health issues); Marilyn Harris’s friend Vikki and her husband (health issues).

Please pray for our members and friends serving in the military and as first responders: Jameel Barrows, Melissa Barrows, Joe Felsentreger, Jake Godboldte, Dylan Harris, Rachel MacCumbee, Scott MacCumbee, Dan Mitchell, David Sturgeon, Brian Wolford, and their families.