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Please Pray for:

Members:  Fay Baase; Bill Corwin; Betty Fallstich; Bob Larkin; Connie Myer; Sally Myer; Erna Pleinis; Brian Spencer; Jack Courtney.


Friends and family: John Abel, Huffman family friend; Peta Capello, Huffman family friend; Erich Fallstich, Betty Fallstich’s son; Shirley Jenstrom, Del Jenstrom’s mother; Sev Kellam, Huffman family friend; James Larkin, Bob Larkin’s father; Mary Ann Oetken, Al Oetken’s sister; Bob Sellers, Corwin family friend; Dick Sulken, Joan Spencer’s brother; Amy Summerfelt, Linda Huffman's niece; James Kurtz, Zac and Linda Huffman’s son; Steve Connlly, friend of Jessica Silbert.


Military and first responders: Jameel Barrows, Melissa Barrows, Ian Jenstrom, Dan Mitchell, David Sturgeon, Brian Wolford, and their families.       


Please contact the office at if you have any questions.  Names remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks unless otherwise requested - see Prayer request guidelines in the PDF below. 

Prayer request cards can be found in the narthex or you can submit one online through

Prayer request



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